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Summer Camp is Now Open!

We are now opening the summer camp registration for 3 separate sessions! If you are interested in learning more about the camps, check out the registration form!

Dance, Music, Art.

Dance Classes

Our dance class is structured for fun, learning, and exercise. Every child feels like a star since we focus on the uniqueness of each and every child.

Music Games

Musical and role-play games could facilitate all aspects of children's development, such as attention, concentration, impulse control, social functioning, self-expression and communication, motivation and self-esteem.

Face Painting

The kids absolutely love face painting time! The calming one on one experience with our professional artist allows them to express themselves visually.

Artistic Expression

Creative expression helps children use music, movement, building, and play to express themselves. From a very early age, children demonstrate an interest in sounds, colors, objects, and textures.

Positivity & creativiy

We encourage children to embrace their individuality, help them build confidence, and provide an exciting environment to enhance their social skills in a positive manner. 

Our program goal

Through dance, music, & art we engage children of all ages to celebrate their individuality. Our program embraces every child.

The goal of our program is to enhance cognitive, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It’s documented that music and movement activities stimulate and engage the brain, improve coordination and physical abilities, strengthen social skills, and teach emotional expression in a healthy way.

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